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Large Biltong Cabinet

Large Biltong Cabinet
Product Code: BILCL
Large Biltong Cabinet


Large Biltong Cabinet

General Data

  • Height = 2015mm
  • Depth = 740mm
  • Width = 1000mm
  • Weight = 130kg
  • Operating voltage = 220 volt (single phase)
  • Capacity = 100kg wet meat (approximately 50-60kg biltong) 

Technical data

  • Industrial grade Stainless Steel construction
  • The machine operates on two heating elements of 1.5Kw each
  • Operating voltage = 220 volt (single phase)(Breaker=16 amp)
  • A large extractor fan to start and then speed up the drying process
  • Adjustable thermostatically controlled heating.
  • Inside temperatures depend on the load factor and ambient temperatures
  • 24 stainless steel hanging rods and a drip tray
  • Ultra-violet fluorescent light for sterilisation