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Start Food-Tech Australia’s Aims

To save you money, To help you work more efficiently, To make purchasing from us an enjoyable experience for you

Since 1999, food processing businesses in Australia and New Zealand have enjoyed all these benefits from our achieving these aims:

  • The widest selection of Professional Knives, those which help you earn your living efficiently.
  • The most cvomplete range of Sharpening Stones, Sharpening Steels, Sharpening Machines and other Knife Sharpening Devices.
  • A full range of Meat Trade Tools and Accessories to complement the knives.
  • A total range of Cutting Parts used in food processing equipment – whether knives, cutters, blades, or even punches used in packaging machines.
  • Safety Equipment to protect the worker from these fearsomely sharp tools!
  • Thermometers and Dataloggers for temperature measurement
  • We have introduced the world’s best Bone Protection Packaging
  • We are now rapidly expanding our range of Consumables and packaging items.
It’s really easy to order from us! We aim to despatch all orders received before noon on the same day. Our friendly staff are committed to attend to your needs, as Customer Service is paramount in our daily operations.